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AquaCal - Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

Founded in 1981, AquaCal is the largest swimming pool and spa heat pump manufacturer in the world. Cutting edge technology found in SuperQuiet models makes AquaCal the preferred choice of pool professionals and homeowners.

AquaCal Website

AutoPilot - Salt Chlorine Generators

In production since 1976, AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generator units have been proven over time. With over a half million satisfied customers worldwide, only AutoPilot offers you the combination of quality, dependability, customer satisfaction and warranty... insist on the BEST... the ORIGINAL, AUTOPILOT.

AutoPilot Website

backyardXpo - Outdoor Accessories

Offering a full line of outdoor kitchens, fire and water features, furniture, decking, pergolas and more, backyardXpo is your one stop shop for all outdoor accessory needs. The backyardXpo showroom is located at HornerXpress South Florida and can be used by any of our dealers as a sales and marketing tool.

backyardXpo Website

HornerXpress - Domestic Distributor

For over 40 years HornerXpress has been the premier independent distributor of pool equipment to pool and spa professionals in Florida. Not only does HornerXpress provide an extensive range of swimming pool products to satisfy every project but also offers complete business solutions to help our customers grow and prosper.

HornerXpress Website

HornerXpress Worldwide -International Distributor

With thousands of customer relationships, developed over 40 years in more than 90 countries, HornerXpress Worldwide is the largest independent pool and spa equipment distributor. Our team of diverse professionals is committed to creating value and efficiencies for our customers and their companies. We provide research, marketing, design and logistics assistance as well as everyday support for your business needs.

HornerXpress Worldwide Website

Lion Pool Products - Safety Volt Transformer & Maintenance Equipment

Team Horner is proud to announce its acquisition of Lion Pool Products. We will be producing the well-known Safety Volt Transformers, ensuring consistency in the quality and dependability that the transformers have been known for since 1967. Other products that will be continued include leaf skimmers, leaf rakes, telescoping poles, Silver Maxx Poles and throwlines.

Lion Pools Website 

Lo-Chlor® - Speciality Chemicals

A difficult water problem can be frustrating but Lo-Chlor®, “The PROVEN Solution” Specialty Chemicals are distinctively designed to target the pool water problems that maintenance chemicals alone cannot resolve. Whether your challenge is cloudy water, algae, phosphates, metal build-up, stains, grimy build-up, poor filter circulation, calcium deposits or a hard-to-find leak, Lo-Chlor® has a product to solve the problem.

Lo-Chlor® Website

StoneHardScapes - Swimming Pool Stone & Pavers

StoneHardscapes’ natural stone paver line is second to none in the industry. We offer 8 distinct colors and sizes ranging from 4 x 8 up to 24 x 24 in a safe skid-resistant finish. Natural stone being incredibly dense offers great compression strength even for vehicular traffic while combined with the convenience of always being cool to the touch for your patio or pool deck.

Stone HardScapes Website

TileXpressions - Swimming Pool Tile & Pavers

TileXpressions is a premier supplier of quality swimming pool tile. TileXpressions selects only the best quality of rich, high gloss tiles; 96% of our entire range is frost-proof porcelain tiles! In addition to swimming pool tile, we also offer mosaics, glass tile, pavers, depth markers and more.

TileXpressions Website

TropiClear - Maintenance Chemicals & Equipment

TropiClear® Chemicals are the finest, purest pool and spa chemicals available in the United States. Millions of pool and spa owners rely on TropiClear® chemicals to help them maintain perfectly balanced, crystal clear water.

TropiClear Website

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